27. April 2023

Die Dissertation »Atmosfears: The Uncanny Climate of Contemporary Ecofiction « unserer ehemaligen Doktorandin Natalie Dederichs ist erschienen. Die Dissertation »Atmosfears: The Uncanny Climate of Contemporary Ecofiction « ist erschienen.

Buchcover Atmosfears
Buchcover Atmosfears © Transcript
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We live in a critical moment in history, often called the »Anthropocene«, that is defined by unprecedented scales of uncertainty. Natalie Dederichs draws on insights from the new materialisms about the entangled nature of planetary existence and combines them with approaches to aesthetics from fields as diverse as reader-response criticism, phenomenology, Gothic and media studies. She introduces a poetics of atmospheric re(lation)ality as a necessary component of any ecological engagement with fiction that fully embraces literary encounters with the inaccessible and elusive as expressed in uncanny atmospheric reading experiences.

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